An end to isolation: Can Asia-Pacific live with coronavirus?

From the paddocks of rural New Zealand and Australia’s beachside suburbs to Singapore’s high rises, people are facing a daunting new reality: living with coronavirus in their communities. After more than 18 months of relentless virus elimination regimes, governments across Asia-Pacific are forging into the unknown, hoping vaccination rates are high enough to justify the […]

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Covid 19 coronavirus: Two children with virus symptoms among 12 to breach MIQ rules

Twelve people – including two children with Covid-19 symptoms – were involved in three managed isolation and quarantine breaches at an Auckland hotel at the weekend. All 12 are now awaiting the results of a 48-hour post-breach swab and will remain isolated until they receive a negative test result. MIQ joint head Brigadier Rose King […]

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Angry Dunedin man pelts mother with hot pie

A Dunedin man threw a pie at his mother, causing molten mince to burn her face, a court has heard. Nicholas Cross, 25, was angry the victim had not prepared dinner for him so he took the hot food from the oven and pelted her with it. “She had mince all over her face and […]

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Beirut hospitals inundated with explosion victims are now filling with injured protesters

There is no escaping from the trauma in Beirut. Hospitals inundated with victims of the explosion are now filling with protesters injured by the security forces.  Firas Hamdan told me he was out on the streets protesting last Saturday, and while filming a live broadcast on Facebook he was almost killed. You can see the […]