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Russell Wilson wants to play 20-plus years and own NFL team – The Denver Post

Russell Wilson wants to play another decade and hopes to buy an NFL team after he retires. The seven-time Pro Bowl quarterback is focused on helping the Seattle Seahawks (3-6) turn their season around but he also has big plans for the future. “I definitely want to play for a long time, but I think […]

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Simon Wilson: Time to eliminate company car parks

OPINION: Some people need a car park at work. This column is not about them. But most people who have a company car park don’t need one. Eliminating those car parks in the central city is possibly the single biggest thing we could do in isthmus Auckland to reduce carbon emissions. It would also hasten […]

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Simon Wilson: A bleak night in the Onehunga traffic dispute

OPINION: “I want you to know that what we are feeling is beyond anger.” The delivery was steady but there was no mistaking the anguish in the voice. Angela Turrall of Onehunga had a petition to present to the Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board, which was meeting, last Tuesday night in extraordinary session. She spoke brilliantly, presenting […]


Simon Wilson: Why do we care so little about poverty?

OPINION: Why do we care so little about poverty? The Salvation Army released its annual State of the Nation report on Wednesday, telling us, among other things, that in the last year 23,000 more children are now living in benefit-dependent households. Big day for Covid news, to be sure, but even so, the report hardly […]