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Opinion | Restrict the Vote!

Last year, in his eulogy for Representative John Lewis, President Barack Obama urged Congress to pass a new voting rights act to continue the work of the lifelong civil rights activist. “If politicians want to honor John, and I’m so grateful for the legacy of work of all the Congressional leaders who are here, but […]


A Florida feat: One precinct in Orlando reports 105 percent turnout.

MIAMI — In the rarest of feats, every registered voter at a precinct in the University of Central Florida in Orlando cast a ballot in the election, according to the Orange County supervisor of elections’ office. In fact, the turnout at precinct 538 actually exceeded 100 percent, because a few voters switched their addresses on […]


What Will It Take to Vote in Milwaukee?

The coronavirus has added strain to Wisconsin voters already facing challenges to ballot access. Photographs and Text by Alyssa Schukar MILWAUKEE — For 15 years, Johnny Miller worked the polls at a church on Milwaukee’s North Side. He was born in Mississippi, where, he said, his family was terrorized by the Ku Klux Klan for […]