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Here’s the latest on Colorado’s wildfires and what conditions will look like in the coming days

Fire risk in Colorado significantly diminished overnight but will return soon. The state had the first extreme fire danger warning in 15 years for the Western Slope on Thursday. With one wildfire already burning, two more sparked closer to the Front Range on Thursday afternoon. The National Weather Service in Boulder says critical fire weather […]


Where the Colorado Legislature stands with less than a week left in 2021 session

Colorado Rep. Tracey Bernett has been telling people she’s “busier than a feather merchant in a windstorm” as the end of the legislative session approaches. She even prepared until 2 a.m. Friday so she could answer any questions in the House about two of her bills. But the first-term Boulder County Democrat isn’t beaten down […]

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The look of Denver’s suburbs is changing, but who will be able to afford live in them?

From the front porch of his newly built ranch house in Aurora’s Painted Prairie neighborhood, Michael Kearns can see a wide array of homes — duplexes, single-family, townhomes. It’s a departure, as Kearns sees it, from “the cul-de-sacs, the row after row of garage doors out front,” that has typified suburban development over the last […]

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PHOTOS: Bolder on the Run 10K race in Littleton – The Denver Post

Runners made their way along the Mary Carter Greenway trail as they take part in the 10K Bolder on the Run race presented by the Bolder Boulder on May 30, 2021 in Littleton. Because of COVID-19 the annual running of the popular Memorial Day Bolder Boulder 10K race could not take place. Instead organizers scheduled […]


Federal aid: How the Democrats who run Colorado plan to spend $3.8 billion

The state of Colorado has a rough sketch of how it plans to spend $3.8 billion in federal pandemic recovery money. Colorado’s top Democrats, both state and congressional, assembled on the steps of the State Capitol Building on Monday morning to explain their plan. About $2 billion will be allocated in the coming weeks, while […]


Lobbying scandal: The ongoing inquiries into David Cameron and the failed financier Lex Greensill

The lobbying scandal surrounding David Cameron and his relationship with the failed financier Lex Greensill has prompted eight separate inquiries. One of those has now concluded, but seven are still active. Among them are a probe by a top lawyer on behalf of Boris Johnson and three separate parliamentary select committee investigations – including one […]

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"The Water Man" screenwriter drew from Colorado childhood — The Know

In the engaging family film “The Water Man,” Gunner Boone braves the woods searching for the seemingly apocryphal figure of the movie’s title when something zips past him in the darkness. Twice. Or does it? Filmgoers might be forgiven for being as startled and stumped as the movie’s protagonist.  And the film deftly teases a […]


Changing Rooms: Behind the door of 11 Downing Street

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing increased scrutiny over the funding of the revamp of the flat he shares with fiancee Carrie Symonds. Last week, the Electoral Commission announced a formal investigation. As allegations of “sleaze” pile up, the Sky News Daily podcast delves into the changing design tastes of Downing Street and its residents. […]


The Gates divorce has implications for their foundation.

When Bill and Melinda Gates announced filed for divorce in Washington State on Monday, grant recipients and staff members alike wondered what would happen to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The message from the headquarters in Seattle was clear: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation isn’t going anywhere. The foundation’s $50 billion endowment is […]


Colorado and the feds end their legal fight over policing and immigration

The state of Colorado has resolved a two-year-long dispute it had with the federal government over $2.7 million in law enforcement grant money. In early 2019, the U.S. Department of Justice notified Colorado that its annual grant money was being withheld because the state objected to immigration requirements the Justice Department had attached to the […]