Bedrooms, bad advice and the ballot: What the heck is going on in Boulder?

Direct democracy isn’t supposed to be this complicated. In fact, the playbook is fairly simple: People who want to amend or create a law via a ballot measure write their proposal out and then seek approval to circulate petitions. If it’s a state ballot measure, they need an OK from the secretary of state, otherwise […]

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Belarus: The three women who are attempting to bring down Europe’s last dictator

This is not the election that the long-time leader of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, had planned. The last five were not hard fought. No need when the entire apparatus of the state is busily engaged engineering a slam-dunk majority for the incumbent. This Sunday was set to be one more token polling day that would see […]

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The war hero who could be Biden’s running mate

Who is Tammy Duckworth, the US senator from Illinois who is reportedly on the short list for the vice-presidential slot on the Democratic ticket? Born in Bangkok and wounded in the Iraq war, Tammy Duckworth has a Purple Heart and the instincts of a street fighter. Her name has come up frequently during high-level discussions […]

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Haacaaluu Hundeessa: The protest singer who became an Oromo icon

Slain singer’s music became the melody of a protest movement that helped bring down Ethiopia’s government in 2018. Popular protest singer Haacaaluu Hundeessa, whose killing earlier this week sparked deadly unrest, was one of Ethiopia’s biggest music stars whose popular songs galvanised the youth of country’s largest ethnic group, the Oromo. The 34-year-old’s music gave voice to Oromos’ […]

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Coronavirus: The ‘frontline COVID warriors’ adding to India’s growing number of deaths

India’s doctors and health workers are at great risk. Almost 100 doctors have died due to COVID-19, and there is no data available for the scores of nurses and health workers who may have also succumbed to the disease. A red alert has been issued by the India Medical Association – an organisation of physicians […]

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The chaplains on the coronavirus frontlines

From FaceTiming worried families to helping doctors and nurses with “combat fatigue”, spiritual care workers in hospitals have been thrust onto the pandemic’s frontlines. Rocky Walker has come closer to death as a hospital chaplain in the coronavirus pandemic than he did as a soldier in the 1991 Gulf War. “It was very scary, very […]

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Denver weather: Recapping the wild weather along the Front Range Friday – The Denver Post

After a slow start to the severe weather season along the Front Range, Friday featured more than a little bit of everything: flooding, large hail and even tornado warnings. More storms could be in the forecast for Saturday as well, though this weekend isn’t expected to be as eventful as Friday. Parts of the west […]

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Tiz the Law wins barren Belmont Stakes – The Denver Post

NEW YORK — Tiz the Law has won an unprecedented Belmont Stakes, claiming victory Saturday at the first race of a rejiggered Triple Crown schedule and crossing the finish line in front of eerily empty grandstands. The 3-year-old colt from upstate New York charged to the lead turning to the frontstretch and now can set […]

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The attack that highlighted an epidemic of abuse

Before last week, Debbie Kaore was best known in Papua New Guinea as a champion boxer who won gold at the Pacific Games in 2015 and had recently made a career-changing move to rugby. Then last Friday, a video was widely shared on social media that showed Ms Kaore being violently attacked with a hot […]

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Coronavirus: Spuds off the menu in Germany after ‘catastrophic’ fall in sales

Germany has experienced a sharp fall in demand for potatoes and potato products during the coronavirus crisis. Germany is typically a huge consumer of the humble spud and is the biggest producer of them in Europe. Currywurst with a serving of chips is especially popular with tourists wanting a taste of fast-food German cuisine. However, […]