Richard Prebble: Political parties don’t last forever – can Simon Bridges save National?

OPINION: While we are stuck at the Covid traffic lights, National and Labour have done a deal to destroy the neighbourhood. Your neighbour can knock down his villa and erect three East German-like three-storey tower blocks. It is the end of our garden suburbs. National, once the party promoting a “property-owning democracy” is now the […]

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Editorial: Remembering Richard Lamm and his fight for Coloradans

Richard D. Lamm was a kind, humble and generous man. He was the kind of man who you could meet on the street in downtown Denver and walk away from the conversation never knowing he was the longest-serving governor in state history. Colorado will be poorer without him here offering his unvarnished and genuine takes […]


Richard Prebble: Labour has run out of capacity for reform

OPINION: The Government has run out of bureaucratic capacity to undertake any more substantial reforms. The Finance Minister Grant Robertson gave this as the reason for a spending Budget with no substantial initiatives. Without having achieved any significant reforms new initiatives are now off the Government’s agenda. Labour’s record is going to be blowing 30 […]


Richard Prebble: How to fix the housing crisis

OPINION: Here is why we have a housing crisis. It took 133 years for New Zealand’s population to reach three million. Thirty years to reach four million and just 17 years to reach five million. We are trying to stuff an extra million people into the country. The nation did not build the housing or […]