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Opinion | A Guaranteed Income to Reduce Poverty?

More from our inbox: To the Editor: Re “What the Rich Don’t Admit About the Poor” (column, June 14): Ezra Klein’s column explains why I tip McDonald’s cashiers. I loved McDonald’s when my mother, my sister and I made after-school visits there in the late 1960s, and I loved it still when an ersatz retirement […]

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Generation threatened as pandemic sets back childhood development: Unicef

NEW YORK (AFP) – Closed schools, surging poverty, forced marriages and depression – after a year of the pandemic, indicators measuring child and adolescent development have all regressed, a setback that heralds lasting stigma for an entire generation, Unicef warned Thursday (March 11). “The number of children who are hungry, isolated, abused, anxious, living in […]

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Opinion | Helping Kids Is a Very Good Idea

Republicans won’t support the Democrats’ proposal, but they should. By Paul Krugman Opinion Columnist Some things about American politics are completely predictable, even in a time of insurrection and QAnon craziness. Anyone who has been paying attention over the past decade knew that as soon as a Democrat took the White House, Republicans would instantly […]