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Donald Trump 2024: Signs of a comeback bid for the presidency

In the days after the United States Congress decided to impeach Donald Trump over his role in inciting the January 6 insurrection, it seemed the possibility of his running for the presidency again was slim. Eleven months later, those odds have tumbled. Although the former president has yet to launch an official, or non-official bid […]


Biden's first month was a 'honeymoon,' but bigger challenges loom ahead

By Trevor Hunnicutt WASHINGTON (Reuters) – One month into the job, President Joe Biden is on the cusp of securing a bigger economic rescue package than during the 2009 financial crisis. He has wiped out his predecessor Donald Trump's policies from climate change to travel bans, while the U.S. daily COVID-19 vaccine distribution rate grew […]


Biden seen likely to keep Space Force, a Trump favorite

WASHINGTON (AP) — To the last moments of his presidency, Donald Trump trumpeted Space Force as a creation for the ages. And while President Joe Biden has quickly undone other Trump initiatives, the space-faring service seems likely to survive, even if the new administration pushes it lower on the list of defense priorities. The reason […]

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US inauguration: Donald Trump scrambling to get guests to his final farewell

When Donald Trump promised to turn his back on history and not show up at the inauguration for President-elect Joe Biden, he had his own celebration in mind. A final, Trump-sized farewell for a man who leaves the White House kicking and screaming but in his own unique way. The early-morning, drawn-out goodbye at the […]

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Opinion | Only Impeachment Can Save Republicans

If there’s one thing Republicans in Congress ought to consider as they weigh the merits of impeaching Donald Trump, it’s the story of the president’s relationship with Mike Pence. In December 2015, then-Governor Pence tweeted, “Calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. are offensive and unconstitutional.” In April 2016, Tim Alberta reported that Pence […]

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US President Donald Trump presses Georgia governor to help overturn election

US President Donald Trump fruitlessly pressed Georgia’s governor on Saturday to call a special legislative session aimed at subverting the presidential election results in that state as Trump’s fixation with his defeat overshadowed his party’s campaign to save its majority in the Senate. Trump and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp spoke by phone hours before Trump […]

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US election: Donald Trump campaign witness Melissa Carone the star of fraud hearing

One of the Trump campaign’s star witnesses alleging election fraud has suddenly shot to fame after her testimony at a hearing in Michigan yesterday. US President Donald Trump’s legal team, led by Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, appeared before the state’s House Oversight Committee to delve into their claims that widespread voter fraud tainted last […]


Donald Trump bans US investment in firms linked to Chinese military

Donald Trump’s White House has fuelled tensions with Beijing by banning US investment in firms it says have ties to the Chinese military. The executive order, due to come into force on 11 January, is designed to stop American businesses, pension funds and others from buying stocks in 31 companies designated by the Pentagon earlier […]

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US election: Donald Trump terminates Defense Secretary Mark Esper

Donald Trump has 75 days as a “lame duck”, with nevertheless limitless powers to exact revenge or reward supporters in his final days in office. He has used his power to “terminate” his Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. A recent tweet from Trump announced Esper had been fired. Christopher C Miller will be his replacement. […]

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US election: Donald Trump v Joe Biden – the race to be President

Joe Biden has overtaken Donald Trump in a key battleground state in a move that puts him on the cusp of securing the Presidency. The Democrat has taken the lead in Pennsylvania, where a victory for the former vice president would push him past the threshold of electoral votes needed to win the White House, […]