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New York’s incoming governor faces difficult decisions as virus cases rise.

Across New York the Delta variant has caused a surge of new cases and rising hospitalizations, presenting New York’s incoming governor, Kathy Hochul, with a major public health challenge that is likely to grow between now and the day she officially takes office in two weeks. Ms. Hochul, who is currently the lieutenant governor, declined […]


Southwest Airlines expects the Delta variant to crimp demand.

Southwest Airlines no longer expects to turn a profit in the third quarter as a recent rise in coronavirus cases slows sales and drives an increase in cancellations. In a securities filing on Wednesday, the company forecast revenue for the three months that end in September to be down 15 to 20 percent compared with […]

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Opinion | New Twists in the Long Pandemic

More from our inbox: To the Editor: Re “Immunized People Can Spread Virus, the C.D.C. Reports” (front page, July 31): That vaccinated people with breakthrough infections of the Delta variant can spread the virus just as readily as the unvaccinated is truly upsetting news from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Like a lot […]

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Opinion | Unvaxxed, Unmasked and Putting Our Kids at Risk

For days now, vaccinated Americans have been trying to come to terms with the new advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about the rapidly spreading Delta variant and a spike of Covid cases in states with high populations of unvaccinated people. Officials encouraged everyone in high-risk areas to start wearing masks in […]

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Nationals postpone game after 4 players and 8 staff members test positive for coronavirus.

The Washington Nationals postponed their Wednesday night game against the Philadelphia Phillies after a dozen players and staff members tested positive for coronavirus. In a statement, the Nationals said the game was postponed to “allow for continued testing and contact tracing involving members of the National organizations.” The wave of infections came after a Nationals […]


The U.S. reaffirms its land border restrictions with Canada and Mexico, days after Canada relaxes theirs.

The United States will keep its land borders with Mexico and Canada closed for all nonessential travel for at least another month, the Department of Homeland Security said on Wednesday, extending their travel restrictions just days after Canadian officials announced they would soon reopen to U.S. travelers. “To decrease the spread of Covid-19, including the […]

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Opinion | Death, Through a Nurse’s Eyes

Video by Alexander Stockton and Lucy King transcript Death, Through a Nurse’s Eyes A short film offering a firsthand perspective of the brutality of the pandemic inside a Covid-19 I.C.U. I was looking through the window of a Covid I.C.U. And that’s when I realized I might see someone die. I didn’t even know who […]


Federal Aid for Closed Cultural Venues Will Be a Race for Cash

In December, Congress created a $15 billion grant fund for clubs and performance spaces, recognizing that thousands of cultural institutions were at risk of closing permanently because there is no safe way to attend a rock concert or Broadway musical in a pandemic. Now comes the hard part: doling out the cash. The list of […]


It Could Be a Great Year, if Your Business Survives Winter

For Ashlie Ordonez, owner of the Bare Bar Studio, a spa in Denver, vaccinations for the coronavirus can’t come soon enough. While she anticipates better days later this year, surviving until then will be a struggle, and she knows the next few months will be lean ones. “I sold my wedding ring so we could […]

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Opinion | The Pandemic’s Inhuman Demands

Emotional respite has become a scarce public resource. Credit…Carolyn Drake/Magnum Photos Supported by By Michelle Goldberg Opinion Columnist The journalist Anne Helen Petersen recently asked, on Twitter, for articles about the “long-term psychological effects” of the pandemic. She soon noticed that many of the replies were about the damage it was doing to children. Seeing […]