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WHO scientists discover 13 Covid strains active in China back in December 2019

Scientists from the World Health Organization (WHO) have found evidence of a wider Covid outbreak in China in 2019, reports claim. Experts have detected that there were 13 variants in the epicentre Wuhan by December, meaning the virus was more wide-ranging than originally thought. WHO lead investigator Peter Ben Embarek told CNN that his team […]


World economy risks fresh downturn despite vaccine nearing

NEW YORK (BLOOMBERG) – The surging coronavirus is stoking fears of a fresh downturn for the world economy, heaping pressure on central banks and governments to lay aside other concerns and do more to spur demand. Hopes are mounting that Covid-19 vaccines will become available as soon as December, but widespread delivery will take months […]

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Europe’s monitoring of U.S. presidential election shrinks drastically amid coronavirus

Europe’s largest security organization said Friday that it has drastically scaled back plans to send as many as 500 observers to the U.S. to monitor the Nov. 3 presidential election and now will deploy just 30 because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe — which has observed U.S. elections […]