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16 Thanksgiving Sides to Make You Forget About the Turkey

Let’s be honest: Turkey’s great, but Thanksgiving is about the sides. Some of us wait all year for stuffing, potatoes (sweet and regular), green beans and sprouts, mac and cheese — and even the cranberry sauce. To say nothing of rolls! We’ve assembled some of our finest recipes, new and old, to round out your […]

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Our Food Staff’s 21 Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

Cooking something new for Thanksgiving is always a risk. An uncle might complain. An aunt might forbid it. The recipe could take longer than expected. Chaos ensues. Straying from tradition can feel emotionally loaded, but it might be worth it. For many families, Thanksgiving will be different this year. If the usual cook isn’t cooking […]

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The Buttermilk-Brined Turkey of Your Thanksgiving Dreams

For someone who didn’t grow up celebrating Thanksgiving, I’ve got a lot of strong opinions about turkey. It’s probably because I’ve cooked more of it than practically anyone I know, in just about more ways than I can list. I’ve roasted, braised, grilled, spit-roasted and deep-fried it. I’ve boned it out and made “turchetta.” I’ve […]


Cooking the Books podcast: What to buy when you can’t buy a house

OPINION Each week the NZ Herald’s Cooking the Books podcast tackles a different money problem. Today, it’s the options for your financial future when houses are just too expensive. Hosted by Frances Cook. Listen to the Cooking the Books podcast here Okay, if you’re feeling a little frustrated by the housing market, you’re not alone. […]

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The Many Lives of Lentils

At my house, dinner is not a three-course meal every night. More likely, it’s a main course and a green salad. Sometimes, it is a one-pot main course, though not always. (I find that even when cooking a simple meal, at least two pots and pans are often involved.) And, quite frequently, dinner is meatless. […]

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Capturing the Heat and Crunch of Indonesian Cooking

Kroncong is a soft, romantic genre of Indonesian music, one that Lara Lee listened to at home with her father, Jono Agung, while growing up in Sydney. Mr. Agung, who is Chinese and Indonesian, often played these wistful tunes while cooking for the family, classic Indonesian dishes like sate ayam, or chicken satay. Carrying those […]

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What to Cook This Weekend

By Sam Sifton Good morning. Dorie Greenspan has a lovely piece in The Times this week, reminiscing about her time working with Julia Child on her “Baking With Julia” cookbook. It recalls the tuna salad sandwich (above) that Child used to make and serve for lunch, simple and delicious. Here’s Dorie: “It was a great […]

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Chicken From Your Oven (and Eleven Madison Park)

A chicken roasted in your oven with the chef Daniel Humm looking over your shoulder is what Eleven Madison Park is offering for the first time. Its dinner kit, serving two to four, consists of a ready-to-cook Green Circle chicken (raised on restaurant scraps and stuffed with brioche, foie gras and black truffles), with sides […]

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What to Cook This Week

Good morning. The West is still on fire, and coronavirus continues to stalk the nation, particularly the Upper Midwest. Political tension vibrates in advance of the coming election. Everywhere the effects of systemic racism have been laid bare. Social isolation, meanwhile, has led to increases in overdoses, to declines in mental health, to loneliness so […]