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How you can be US president without winning most votes

The US presidential election will take place in less than 100 days. But it’s possible the candidate with the most votes from the public won’t be the winner. This is because the president is not chosen directly by the voters, but what’s known as the electoral college. So who are Americans voting for? When Americans […]

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Media to be barred from Trump election nomination

The US Republican Party’s vote to nominate its presidential candidate this month will be held in private, without press in attendance. A Republican National Convention spokeswoman gave coronavirus health guidelines as the reason, the Associated Press reports. Delegates are due to gather in North Carolina to formally renominate President Donald Trump. The 336 delegates will […]

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The war hero who could be Biden’s running mate

Who is Tammy Duckworth, the US senator from Illinois who is reportedly on the short list for the vice-presidential slot on the Democratic ticket? Born in Bangkok and wounded in the Iraq war, Tammy Duckworth has a Purple Heart and the instincts of a street fighter. Her name has come up frequently during high-level discussions […]


Coronavirus: MPs to be ordered back to parliament to ‘set an example’ as lockdown gradually lifted

MPs have been told they should be working in Westminster at the start of June to “set an example” to the rest of the country as lockdown is eased further. Commons leader Jacob Rees-Mogg signalled the historic “virtual parliament” measures which saw MPs cast their first ever online votes on Tuesday due coronavirus will soon […]