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A Different Kind of Land Management: Let the Cows Stomp

CANADIAN, Texas — Adam Isaacs stood surrounded by cattle in an old pasture that had been overgrazed for years. Now it was a jumble of weeds. “Most people would want to get out here and start spraying it” with herbicides, he said. “My family used to do that. It doesn’t work.” Instead, Mr. Isaacs, a […]


Trump Funnels Record Subsidies to Farmers Ahead of Election Day

WASHINGTON — For the American farmers whom President Trump counts on for support, the government money is flowing faster than ever. Federal payments to farmers are projected to hit a record $46 billion this year as the White House funnels money to Mr. Trump’s rural base in the South and Midwest ahead of Election Day. […]


Temasek backs US$30m firm for vertical farming innovation to boost Singapore's food supply

SINGAPORE – A new US$30 million (S$41.2 million) company has been formed to develop breakthroughs in vertical farming, a move that will help to further reinforce Singapore’s food supply. Called Unfold, it is a tie-up between Singapore state investment firm Temasek and a unit of German pharmaceutical and life sciences giant Bayer. The Straits Times understands […]