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Brits will sink more than 100m pints as pub gardens fill up for heatwave weekend

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    Pubs and bars are having a bumper weekend as thirsty Brits are expected to down more than 100 million pints.

    Revellers threatened to drink barrels dry as pint sales soared by around 25 million due to the heat yesterday (Saturday, September).

    Consumption data trends from the British beer and pub association said 50 million pints are being supped this weekend at barbecues and at home, with another 50 million in pubs.

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    Tesco is expected to sell around five million cans or bottles of beer this weekend, plus four million bottles of wine.

    The British Institute of Innkeeping, which represents over 10,000 UK pubs, said: “Pubs have stocked up on beer to cool down customers making the most of the unexpected sunshine and high temperatures.”

    After a fairly lacklustre summer, the UK has been in the grips of a heatwave which has seen the mercury soar into the 30Cs.

    On Thursday (September 7) Wisley in Surrey recorded a blistering temperature of 32.6C – the highest of the year so far at that point.

    This record-breaking temperature was surpassed shortly after when a temperature of 33.2C was recorded at Kew Gardens yesterday, making Saturday the hottest day of the year so far and the sixth consecutive day where the UK has recorded a temperature over 30C.

    Yet weather forecasters predict this sweltering heat will be replaced by thunderstorms, heavy rain and even floods as soon as next week due to extratropical cyclones in the Atlantic.

    Daily Star reports that despite the heat and the sun that has baked much of the country this weekend, there were one or two thundery outbreaks.

    These look to be a sign of things to come as more thunderstorms, heavy rain and even floods are on the horizon, with a weather forecaster claiming rain will come back towards the end of next week "big style".

    Jim Dale, Senior Meteorological Consultant at British Weather Services, told the Daily Star rain is coming back "big style" towards the end of this coming week and into the next.

    This, he explained, is due to extratropical cyclones in the Atlantic having a knock-on effect on weather here.

    Mr Dale said: "Do expect to see bouts of heavy rain and showers that could cause localised flooding.

    "The Atlantic is going to roar back in. It is still a relatively warm Atlantic, full of cyclones. Later next week and the following week some of these extratropical storms will provide the ingredients – so it will be both wet and windy.

    "There is a real sea change coming up, so it is a case of making the most of what you’ve got now."

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