Penny Mordaunt blasts Starmer’s anti-monarchy past as proof he shouldn’t be PM

Penny Mordaunt tells SNP to ‘learn a lesson’ from Coronation

Coronation star and Tory MP Penny Mordaunt has slammed Keir Starmer as unfit to lead the country, citing his republican views as proof.

Ms Mordaunt, currently Leader of the Commons, told a private meeting of Tory MPs that she was not prepared “to cede power to a man who has only just decided the monarchy is a good idea”.

She also accused him of needing “a focus group to tell him to sing the national anthem”.

In 2005 Keir Starmer told a documentary film camera that he “often used to propose the abolition of the monarchy”.

Sir Keir told the documentary makers it was “odd” he had been made a Queen’s Council – the title of Britain’s top class of lawyers – given his anti-monarchy roots.

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Ms Mordaunt was speaking to the 1922 committee when she made the remarks, with allies saying she had a “brilliant reception” featuring plenty of table banging.

One claimed she is now the Tories’ “chief morale officer”.

Ahead of the meeting, it was reported she would be explaining to Tory MPs how her team can help with their local campaigns.

Ms Mordaunt praised the PM and said “the public aren’t running to Labour”, but are “waiting for us to be worthy of their vote”.

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She continued her attacks on Keir Starmer, saying she would also refuse to cede power “to a party that believes NATO doesn’t have to be a nuclear alliance and that the inept chaos of a 25-year socialist experiment in Wales is the blueprint for how Britain should be governed”.

In 2022, Sir Keir said the Welsh Labour Government is a “blueprint” for what his party can achieve in power, despite creaking public services in the country.

The Welsh Labour Government also came under fire for proposals to pay £1,600 a month to illegal immigrants.

An ally of Ms Mordaunt’s emphasised she is a “team player” and “up for the fight at the next election”.

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