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Chinese ‘tourists’ wandering onto secret military facilities in US are ‘spies’

China has been accused of sending "spies" masquerading as "tourists" who are dozily wandering onto secret military facilities on accident.

The gaggle of bemused tourists who already managed to make their way into the military base claim they had been looking for a nearby Burger King.

Officials from the United States allege the Chinese government are intentionally sending "spies" to their military bases, although officials for the Communist country refuted the claims.

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They called the report from US military experts "ill-intentioned fabrications" of sightings in New Mexico, with said document claiming China was recruiting tourists to infiltrate the Western facilities.

Accusations surfaced earlier this year in a review by the Pentagon, the FBI and other secret service agencies, which believe China is utilising citizens as military members.

Reports of tourists in New Mexico trying to cross a missile range after wandering away from their group at White Sands national park were noted.

Another instance saw some members allegedly push past guards at an Alaska-based station where the army's Arctic warfare division is set up.

That group claimed they had a hotel reservation at the site and were turned away as animosity grows between President Xi Jingping and President Joe Biden.

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The pair were set to meet at the upcoming G20 meeting but will no longer do so after China's President Xi confirmed he would not attend.

The Chinese embassy in Washington said of the claims: "We urge the relevant US officials to abandon the Cold War mentality, stop groundless accusations and do more things that are conducive to enhancing mutual trust."

However Western leaders are urging for more caution to be taken when it comes to Chinese technological advancements, with the US imposing sanctions on top-end tech including computer chips.

President Biden said he would "get to see" President Xi at some point, who is sending prime minister Li Qiang in his place to the G20 summit.

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