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‘I lived with kid killers like Letby – she’ll be treated like royalty in jail’

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    Serial baby killer Lucy Letby will be treated like royalty on the inside, according to a former prisoner who served alongside paedophiles and murderers.

    The nurse, 33, will spend the rest of her life behind bars after murdering seven babies and trying to kill six more.

    Francesca Fattore, who stayed in the infamous HMP Bronzefield where Letby was held after her arrest five years ago, gave chilling insight into how she will be treated.

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    Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, Francesca, who was punished for drug offences, said: “She will be treated like royalty.

    “All these prisons have a wing for paedophiles and kiddy killers because they would get beaten up on any other wing.

    “Everywhere she goes she will have at least one or two officers with her. She will be taken to her meds, taken to work, she will get treated like royalty.

    “She will have protection and in six months or 12 months time, that girl will be sitting there if you go to the library or she could possibly be serving you dinner.

    “But even years on, she will have officers walking around with her.”

    However, she added: “She will get the most amount of abuse. If she is walking past people's cells they will scream through the window, they will threaten her, it has been all over the news.

    “Everyone will have known her before she walked in and there will be girls that go for her, they won’t care that other officers are there.”

    Despite describing her protection as royalty, she believes that this will eventually torment her mind in years to come.

    Francesca, who once stayed on the same protected wing as paedophiles and kid killers, explained: “If she goes to work and an officer is not there, she has to sit and wait.

    “It will actually make her miserable because every day an officer comes to pick her up to take her somewhere, she is going to feel more imprisoned.

    “If I had to have an officer take me out and walk me everywhere it would have made my sentence a lot tougher.

    “I would have been embarrassed and I would have been humiliated.”

    Francesca, who is from Reading and got involved with taking and selling drugs from an early age, is now the assistant manager at a car company and has rebuilt her life since leaving prison.

    She also now runs her own YouTube account where she gives viewers an insight into life on the inside having served three years and eight months.

    Meanwhile, Letby will never see freedom again after being given a whole life order for every offence – the most severe punishment available in the UK.

    This was justice for her abhorrent murders she committed while working at the Countess of Chester Hospital between 2015 and 2016.

    And Prison Oracle editor Mark Leech, a former offender, also gave an insight into her future.

    He said: “She'll be what's known as a 'restricted status' prisoner – the female equivalent of Category A.

    “She'll be on suicide watch and it will be some time before she gets to mingle with the main prison population – at least six months.

    “Her life for much of the next few years is going to be a lonely one.

    “She'll associate mostly with prison officers, her key worker and one or two cleaners, but much of that interaction will be through the hatch in her cell door.

    “She won't be able to do much other than read newspapers or books and watch TV and she'll get one hour of exercise by herself each day.

    “She will be able to phone her family and receive visits from them, but the police will have to vet them first.”

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