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Masked ex-WWE star ‘scarred for life in deadly house fire’ has mad career change

A former top WWE star who was 'scarred for life in a house fire' started by his brother that killed his parents has ditched his wild ring life for a very different career.

For fans of WWE in the late 90s and early 2000s, the fiery entrance of former champion Kane was enough to strike fear in the hearts of everyone.

He dominated the ring, while wearing a red and black full body covering, and an intimidating matching mask.

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Kane hardly spoke, due to damage suffered in the house fire that killed his parents.

It later emerged that his brother – WWE legend The Undertaker – caused the fire, sparking a rivalry that seemingly never ended during the pair's storied careers.

He would spend the majority of the next 20 years scarring anyone and everyone he came into contact with . . . and even took part in an infamous on-screen moment where he electrocuted the private parts of Shane McMahon live on Monday Night Raw using a car battery.

He would lose the mask in 2003, after being beaten by then-tag team partner Rob Van Dam, which sparked a new descent into scary madness for the Big Red Machine.

And while all of that was obviously a storyline, what is real is that Kane, whose real name is Glenn Jacobs, is now intimidating people in a very different world – the world of politics.

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Spain-born Jacobs, aged 56, is the current Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, United States, which is a position he has held since September 1, 2018.

Representing the Republican Party, Jacobs has leaned in on his WWE career to boost his political ambitions, using flames in his campaign logo and making frequent returns to the company in his mayoral role.

He also, bizarrely, won the WWE 24/7 Championship as Mayor, defeating R-Truth for the title . . . he lost it back to Truth just a few hours later.

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He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021, and later inducted his on-screen brother The Undertaker a year later.

Speaking in 2019 about his career change, he said: “Going out and performing is always awesome, especially when you go out for WrestleMania and there’s 100,000 people there.

“It’s the most incredible thing ever . . . by the same token, it’s hard work.

“I’ve always been somewhat interested in government and politics and as I got older, I realized how much influence and power government has over us.

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“I’ve had some tremendous opportunities in my life, and I think the reason for that is, growing up in America, this is the land of opportunity.

“I would think ‘what can I do to ensure that my kids and my grand kids, and everybody else’s, would have those kind of opportunities?’

“Really that’s kind of why I got into this whole deal with politics, and again, I think a lot can be accomplished at the state and local levels.”

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