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Germans funded £47k in hair and makeup expenses for Merkel since she left office

Merkel slated over Germany’s ‘extra-dependency’ on Russia

The German government has allocated a staggering sum of nearly €55,000 (around £47,398) to cover the hairstyling and makeup expenses of former Chancellor Angela Merkel after her departure from office in 2021.

As revealed in documents obtained by Tagesspiegel through a Freedom of Information Act request, the former German Chancellor keeps filing her expenses to the federal government.

Contrary to expectations, Merkel decided not to retain her long-standing makeup artist.

Instead, she opted for a fresh and independent hair and makeup artist who is also connected to the realm of fashion design, based in Berlin.

The costs for her appearance preparations are now covered by the chancellery for both public and private engagements.

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These costs have mounted over time, accumulating to €17,200 for 2023 and a substantial €37,780 in 2022.

German chancellery told Tagesspiegel: “The assumption of costs is linked to the performance of continuing official duties — regardless of whether they are public or non-public.”

The escalating expenses related to grooming services for officials have faced criticism in the past. Reiner Holznagel, President of The Taxpayers’ Association, raised concerns and urged for a reduction in expenses to essential levels. He also suggested that private payments could be considered if necessary.

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Interestingly, the current German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, appears to be following a similar path by not holding back on expenses for his public appearances. As reported by Tagesspiegel, representatives from the chancellery have already spent €21,808 on hairstyling and makeup for public outings in the ongoing year.

This expenditure matches the €39,910 spent in 2022.

Recent data from a parliamentary inquiry this year has revealed a striking trend. Expenditures on photographers, hairdressers, and makeup artists surged to around €1.5 million during the first year of Scholz’s administration in 2022.

This represents an astonishing 80 percent increase compared to 2021, the final year of Merkel’s tenure.

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