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Teachers fired for racy content plot ‘back to school’ protest against sackings

A group of teachers who were sacked over their racy adult side hustle are planning a protest photoshoot.

Sarah Juree lost her job at Starbase Academy near Fort Wayne in Indiana, US after her employer was sent images she had posted on the adult paywall site.

The single mum of two decided to reach out to recently axed educator Ava James, AKA “The Dommy Mommy”, to show solidarity.

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She and Ava, whose real name is Kristin MacDonald, are now planning to take part in a tongue-in-cheek back-to-school protest photoshoot next month.

The pair may also be joined by Courtney Tillia and Nicole Mitchell, both formed educators who have found huge success selling adult content.

The group became friends with Sarah after appearing on the Dr Phil show, in a segment on teachers turning to subscription-based platforms to raise extra funds.

The back-to-school shoot is planned for September of this year, with plans to shoot with a photographer in Las Vegas, US.

Speaking to the Daily Star exclusively, Sarah said: “I think that's an important part of this is like we're all mums.

“So it’s really speaking to the stereotypes of what people say moms can be and getting out of the box that people like to put women in and mums in as far as only being able to be one thing.

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“We’re going to show up and fully self-express as the intelligent, beautiful, sensual, sexy women that we are.

“I love the idea that women empower other women, that when you rise, you are there to help other women rise too.”

Sarah, along with many other teachers who have turned to selling adult content, did so because they were struggling to make ends meet.

Giving advice to anyone considering starting their own account on the X-rated platforms, the mum in her 40s said: “I think the message really is that teachers need to be humanised.

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“We all have lives outside of the office and outside of the classroom and outside of the classroom. If you not doing anything illegal, why are you doing something wrong?

“It's private. It's, it's with other consenting adults then whose business is it?

“And when a teacher can make more money by taking her clothes off than she can with a college degree in a classroom, that is really the conversation that people need to have."

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Sarah added that she is very excited about the photoshoot and everything that it will represent.

She finished by saying: “I’ve taken a lot of bullets for it [ OnlyFans ] but I remain committed to this idea of women’s empowerment. I am really excited about this photoshoot and for all it represents.

“It is going to be good, it's gonna there's gonna be a big message with it too”.

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