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Nacho cheese explosion shuts road as truck crash unleashes dairy disaster

Police were forced to close a major road after a truck carrying nacho cheese crashed, resulting in a massive dairy disaster.

It is understood that the cheese-carrying truck merged into the same as a truck halting an 18-wheeler.

It isn’t clear how the vehicle crashed but the incident resulted in hundreds of cans of nacho cheese exploding all over the highway.

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Images of the sticky situation were shared on Twitter by the Arkansas Department of Transportation.

The body explained that Interstate 30 near Prescott in Southwest Arkansas, US, was closed following the crash on Tuesday (August 1).

One of the images shared showed the road backed up as far as the eye could see.

It is understood that no one was injured in the crash.

Authorities confirmed the road was reopened later that day after the cheesy catastrophe was cleaned up.

According to Fox News, a recent spill occurred in North California just days earlier when a truck carrying chocolate fell from the road.

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The publication explained that around 40,000 pounds of chocolate escaped the truck – which then caught fire.

It is understood the driver lost control of the haulier and the trailer separated.

It wasn't immediately clear where the chocolate was being taken or what kind of chocolate it was.

No injuries were reported.

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