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Beauty queen dies in car crash after predicting her own ‘funeral’ months before

Beauty queen Ariana Viera

A beauty queen has died in a horror car crash after reportedly falling asleep at the wheel before slamming into another vehicle.

Ariana Viera, 26, was due to represent her country Venezuela at the Miss Latin America of the World 2023 competition in the Dominican Republic in October.

She tragically succumbed to her injuries after being in a road accident in Orlando, Florida, on 13 July, according to her mother Vivian Ochoa. Viera was based in the Sunshine State.

The victim’s mother Vivian Ochoa claims her daughter fell asleep at the wheel out of fatigue and rammed into the vehicle in front of her.

At the time of the accident, the Venezuelan model was preparing to take part in a beauty contest in New York City.

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Ochoa said her daughter received aid including CPR from paramedics at the scene and was revived twice, but died on the way to the hospital.

Vivian told local Telemundo 31: “They revived her and she then had a heart attack. “They revived her again, but she passed away when they were taking her to trauma care.”

She added: “My girl fell asleep, she was tired.”

She has started a memorial fund for Viera on GoFundMe which has raised nearly $27,000.

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Ariana had a budding modelling career and also ran her own company called Full House Cleaning.

Local media said the victim’s father, who lives in Peru, tried to organise a visa in time for his daughter’s funeral on 16 July but was allegedly issued the document one day too late.

In a tragic twist, Ariana posted a video on her Instagram account on 2 May with the caption: “Filming myself for my future funeral because it’s always me in the videos, no one else does it.”

One follower commented: “I hadn’t seen this. Holy God. Predicting her future. How painful to see this.”

Another added: “Incredible how sometimes things are decreed.”

One user, Rossy, wrote: “Whenever I see this type of tragedy when the deceased posted a video about their death in the future, it almost always happens.”

Lina commented: “You were so genuine, you always recharged me with the best energy.”

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