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Met Office predicts UK set for ‘mini-heatwave’ lasting few days as mercury soars

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    Met Office has warned that the UK is about to experience temperatures similar to a "mini-heatwave" as a surge of heat makes its way across the country.

    The leading forecaster gave its verdict on August heat after an independent meteorologist, and GFS weather maps hinted towards a 30C surge around August 12.

    Met Office spokesman Oli Claydon, a spokesman, confessed to Daily Express: “Looking ahead to the rest of August, there are some early signals for at least a brief spell of something a little warmer and more settled to develop towards the end of next week, most likely for southern areas.”

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    But this comes with a caveat and that is the fact that unsettled weather will never be “too far away”, he says.

    He added: “However, it remains that the greatest chance of seeing anything more widely settled would be through the second part of August, although this may be accompanied by an increasing risk of thundery showers.

    “With unsettled conditions never too far away, it looks unlikely that we will see any prolonged or excessive heat, with the chance of heatwaves here in the UK being lower than some recent Augusts.

    “So at the moment, there isn’t anything to suggest any notable ‘spike’ in temperatures.”

    The long-range forecast for the second half of August, from August 16 to 30, also predicts a mix of sun and rain – but it does point to a more “settled period”.

    It reads: “A mix of sunshine and showers initially, these most frequent and heaviest in the northwest, with the brightest conditions likely in the south, feeling more pleasant here.

    “Changeable, often unsettled conditions, at least to start the following week, with showers and longer spells of rain likely, but some drier and brighter interludes, with these looking increasingly likely by the end of the week."

    Adding: "Winds generally light to moderate, with a continued risk of strong winds at times with temperatures remaining below average.

    "Beyond this, while changeable conditions are never too far away indications are that more settled conditions become the more likely scenario, but interspersed still with some more unsettled weather. Temperatures continue to be mostly below average although should start to recover through the period."

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