Nigel Farage pledges league table of worst-offending banks for account closures

Nigel Farage talking to Camilla Tominey about bank account closures

Nigel Farage has said he will publish a ‘league table’ of the worst-offending banks after rallying people whose accounts have also been closed to come forward.

Mr Farage launched the Account Closed campaign this weekend, asking those who’ve also been affected by heartless banks to share their story.

He said there was a “truly overwhelming response” to the launch in just 48 hours.

The Brexit supremo said “thousands” have come forward to say they’ve been affected, proving his own treatment is part of a “wider problem, which this campaign is now unearthing”.

He says the data is “comprehensive”: “In the coming weeks we will put together a league table of the worst offending banks and the reasons why”.

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“Too many of the individual cases of mistreatment are deeply troubling. I am pleased to say that serious offers of help are coming forward from industry professionals.

“We have only scratched the surface of this scandal and it is getting bigger and bigger by the day.”

Mr Farage concludes by promising his aim is to “give a voice to these victims”.

The Account Closed campaign was formed by a group of legal and financial professionals last week, with the website saying they are “driven by a genuine desire to empower and protect the rights of those who have been wronged by powerful institutions”.

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Mr Farage’s very public battle with Coutts and Natwest over the past four weeks led to the resignations of both institutions’ CEOs.

The Prime Minister and Chancellor rowing in behind their political opponent eventually made it untenable for NatWest’s CEO, Dame Alison Rose, to stay in her post.

The new interim CEO of the powerful bank, Sir Howard Davies, has said Dame Alison’s resignation was a “rational decision”.

“The reaction, the political reaction to that, was such that Alison and I then concluded, and the board supported the view, that her position was then untenable.

“She would be running the bank in the face of very difficult headwinds, and therefore we made a different decision.”

Mr Farage has said the scandal of bank account closures is both political, and affecting those running small cash businesses.

Speaking to GB News on Sunday, he accused banks of treating the local window cleaner like a “front for a Columbian drug gang”.

He accused banks of “trying to drive cash out of the economy”.

“Any payment that comes into your account that’s unusual can lead to suspension. Say you’ve sold a motorbike to a French motorbike collector and a payment comes in from a French account, alarm bells go off.

“We’re frankly treating the local window cleaner as if he could be a front for a Colombian drug gang. For every one pound of laundered money recovered in the system, it costs £100 to process it.

“Government and Parliament need to go through the legislation. It simply isn’t working, it’s not just ruining lives in Britain, it’s damaging business in Britain.”

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