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Elle Brooke breaks silence after Astrid Wett takes ‘WWE style’ table spot

Racy model Elle Brooke has responded after Influencer boxer Astrid Wett sparked calls of "staging" when she was bizarrely being put through a table minutes before she was due to step into a boxing ring against Alexia Grace.

The two influencers were gearing up to settle their bitter feud earlier tonight (July 29) before they came to blows, causing the event to be cancelled.

Things turned into something from WWE as the pair bizarrely came directly in front of the camera to clash moments before their highly-anticipated showdown.

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Astrid, 22, suddenly slapped her opponent after some verbal jousting, who responded by launching the Chelsea fan through an interestingly-placed MDF table about 30 minutes before their bout.

Someone from Astrid's team later posted a worrying picture of her in an ambulance as fans on Twitter have called the incident "staged".

However, it is necessary to point out that the incident, whether staged or not, could have actually hurt Astrid with reports from people inside the event saying she hit her head on the floor.

The image was posted with a message that said: “Astrid is in stable condition.

“Please respect her and her teams privacy at this time.

“Astrid’s management.”

But the incident has not gone down well with people online, least of all her biggest rival Elle Brooke, and world star KSI.

Brooke tweeted: “She should have trained neck more smh (shake my head)”

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And KSI commented, in response to the image of Astrid in the ambulance: “Na ain't no way.”

YouTuber and boxing interviewer Fred Beck called it “WWE style” as did several others on social media.

Astrid was trending within minutes of the stunt, which we guess is the main aim of what happened, however over 120k fans had tuned into the live stream of the YouTube fight stream – but were left with nothing.

One fan wrote: “Lmao this Astrid Wett fight is so scripted why am I even watching this?

“The table collapsed like them WWE props.”

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And another commented: “Won't be surprised if this Astrid chick finesses her way into a WWE contract.

“Smart lowkey ngl (not going to lie).”

A third tweeted: “Astrid Wett just got out through the table.

“Why are theses boxing promotion turning into WWE?”

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