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Moment UK-made Starstreak missile blasts Russian helicopter out of the sky

British missile downs Russian attack helicopter

The dramatic moment in which a British-made Starstreak missile downed a Russian helicopter has been captured on camera.

Footage believed to have been recorded on Tuesday shows the Ka-52 Alligator helicopter exploding in a ball of fire after being hit by the surface-to-air rocket.

Leaving behind a thick plume of black smoke, the helicopter can then be seen crashing down to the ground, engulfed by flames.

Sources have also alleged the aircraft was carrying one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s top commanders, albeit their identity hasn’t been revealed.

Russian pro-war blogger Kirill Fyodorov commented on the downing of the helicopter, saying: “As a result of the strike by three British SAM Stormer missiles, a Ka-52 was shot down. We have lost heroes.”

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Another source said the unnamed commander had “very large shoulder straps”.

The rocket was fired from a Stormer light tank donated after the beginning of the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Moscow defence sources claimed.

The Ukrainian 38th Marine brigade launched the attack from near the Donetsk area where the nation’s military is focusing part of its counter-offensive manoeuvres, Kyiv said.

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The Starstreak is an extremely fast missile manufactured in Belfast which, after being fired, launches three laser beam-riding submunitions which increase the likelihood of hitting the target.

Two weeks ago, another high-ranking Russian official was killed with a UK-provided weapon – a Storm Shadow missile.

General Oleg Tsokov, the deputy commander of Russia’s southern military district, was reportedly killed during a night missile strike on a hotel in the Russian-occupied resort city of Berdiansk.

Since the beginning of the conflict, Britain has been one of the biggest suppliers of military aid to Ukraine, with Storm Shadow missiles being delivered in May.

The destruction of the Russian war chopper would make the 311th helicopter part of Putin’s army since the beginning of the conflict, according to data by the Kyiv Post.

Ukraine’s news outlet also counts, as of July 26, the destruction by the hands of Ukrainians of 4177 tanks, 4727 artillery, 8136 vehicles and 315 aircraft.

On the other hand, Western intelligence has indicated that Ukraine has killed more than 20 Russian generals since February 2022.

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