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Majorca overwhelmed with 1,000 flights a day as tourists flee from wildfires

Resorts evacuated as blaze rages out of control on Greek island of Rhodes

Majorca is now overwhelmed with over a 1,000 flights every day as desperate tourists flee from the fire-stricken Greek islands of Rhodes and Corfu as well as the Turkish Mediterranean area of Antalya.

More than 40 people have tragically died in the horror fires as the flames continue to spread during an extreme heatwave.

Temperatures are expected to peak on Wednesday, exceeding 44C in some areas of Greece.

Now, nearby island Majorca has become overwhelmed as tour operators and airlines have been taking immediate action to repatriate tourists. 

Major tourist groups including Jet2 Holidays, EasyJet Holidays, TUI, Alltours, DER Touristik, and FTI have taken charge, informing their clients about alternative options in the Mediterranean.

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Among the top alternatives presented is the Spanish island of Majorca, renowned for its tourism infrastructure and scenic beauty. 

Majorca, along with other holiday hotspots in the region, has been identified as an ideal substitute for the affected holidaymakers.

All the tour operators said yesterday: The diversions to Majorca are going to be a thing in the next ten days, since Rhodes, for example, will be inoperative for ten days. 

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“Majorca has the hotel capacity to absorb this flow of tourists, which is why it is the first destination offered to those who already had their vacations booked on the Greek islands or in Antalya.”

Son Sant Joan airport in Majorca has been informed and stands ready to handle the increased traffic. 

AENA and Enaire have requested airlines to schedule their flights during off-peak hours, such as early morning, noon, and late night, to manage the surge in arrivals.

Notably, Jet2, EasyJet, TUI Fly, and Eurowings from the Lufthansa group have already successfully repatriated over 20,000 tourists from the fire-affected regions, leading to congested conditions in Greek airports.

Son Sant Joan airport is currently witnessing its peak activity at the end of July, and as the weekend approaches, projections indicate that over 1,000 flights will be scheduled daily from July 28 to 30.

The president of the Balearic Islands travel agency association (Aviba), Pedro Fiol stated: “Receiving rebound tourists is not liked by any destination. 

“We will do everything possible so that the tourists who come to us diverted are welcomed in Mallorca and the rest of the islands. Luckily, we have hotel capacity so that they can come at the end of July.”

Rafael Roig, president of the Balearic Transport Business Federation (FEBT) and the Association of Discretionary Road Transport, pointed out, for his part: “Mallorca, as well as the east of the islands, are prepared for this type of incident, but we hope that the competing destinations affected by the forest fires recover as soon as possible.” 

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