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Evacuee says Greeks ‘saved their lives’ helping them escape Rhodes wildfires

Greek fire crew rush to save Rhodes village

Britons forced to evactuate Rhodes have praised Greek families for opening their homes and helping out during the difficult times.

Holidaymakers saw their getaways turn to disasters as the idyllic island has been savaged by wildfires. But locals have been supporting tourists in churches, schools and even their own property.

An evacuation in Kiotari on the south-east was even likened to the war effort in Dunkirk. It saw hundreds attempt to scramble to yachts, catamarans, and glass-bottom tour vessels that became lifeboats.

It was the largest evacuation operation Greece has seen. Nearly 20,000 people, mainly tourists, were evacuated.

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One woman, known as Amy, says she would likely have died in the extreme heat, reports The Telegraph. But, along with her partner and daughter, she was picked up by a local in his truck.

In an Instagram post she said: “I am absolutely traumatised at the fact I was thinking ‘where am I going to take my daughter for her last moments when the fire catches up with us, what will I tell her’.

“Myself, my partner and my daughter survived death … thanks to a Greek man who saved our lives. We owe him everything. Nothing can ever begin to describe the trauma of what we went through.”

With wildfires sweeping across parts of Rhodes, the Foreign Office is now warning travellers to avoid some areas of the popular holiday island.

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It has warned travellers to check with the airline and hotel before travelling. The Foreign Office is also reminding Brits to make sure they have proper insurance before jetting off.

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