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Putin wants North Korea’s Kim Jong-un to give Russia weapons to help Ukraine war

Despot Vladimir Putin is sending Russia's defence minister to North Korea in a desperate bid to gain weapons from fellow dictator Kim Jong-un for the Ukraine war.

Sergei Shoigu is at the head of the delegation to the hermit state, with some suggesting that Putin has withdrawn from another foreign visit amid growing speculation over his health.

He recently pulled out of a visit to South Africa where he could have faced arrest on child trafficking charges following the issuing of a warrant by the International Criminal Court.

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The Russian defence ministry said the visit “will contribute to strengthening Russian-North Korean military ties”, and it will also act to “become an important stage in the development of cooperation between the two countries”.

Russia and North Korea share a border.

Moscow has hopes that Kim Jong-un will supply military hardware for Putin’s troops in Ukraine.

The news comes as reports grow that Putin has "lost his grip on reality" as the Russian war effort against Ukraine continues to falter.

It has been reported that the war hungry leader's inner and outer circle were looking at ways to remove him.

Professor Anthony Glees, a security expert from the University of Buckingham, told the Daily Star that he has "lost his grip on reality" after the failed mutiny by Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Prof Glees said, referencing a speech Putin recently gave claiming that the Prigozhin had “stabbed Russia in the back": “Prigozhin was the Wagner group's commander, they weren't revolting against him, they were revolting against Putin.

"This is also significant because in his bizarre speech, Putin said Prigozhin had stabbed Russia in the back as had happened to Russia in World War One.

"This tells us a lot about Mad Vlad and his loss of grip.”

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Meanwhile, a body language expert said Putin is showing 'high levels of anger' and is in 'action mode'.

Face Whisperer Adrianne Carter told the Daily Star: “Putin shows high levels of anger and dislike.

"There’s also a lot of movement in his body as he speaks, this is a sign of a lot of contained energy."

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