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Millionaire car dealer says thieves steal 4×4 vehicle more than any other

A millionaire car dealer has revealed the one vehicle brand that is the most likely to be stolen.

Tom Hartley is seen by many as the "world's most successful car dealer" – selling his first motor for a healthy £250 profit at the age of just 12.

He now has up to £100million-worth of luxury vehicles in his showroom and employs a dedicated head of security to make sure no-one but his exclusive clientele gets their hands on his stock.

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And there’s one particular model he says drivers should be careful with – a Range Rover.

Tom explains that he has a home in Knightsbridge, one of London’s most expensive and exclusive districts.

“I was there with a friend two or three weeks ago, and my wife was driving," he told Rob Moore’s Disruptors podcast.

Tom’s wife has a new Range Rover and by coincidence his friend was driving an older model Range Rover. Both of the £100,000 cars were parked outside his house opposite the Natural History Museum on Cromwell Road.

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“When I get up the next morning at seven o’clock and went outside I could only see one Range Rover.

“So I said to my friend I said you know you came down here with the Range Rover, you see there's only one Range Rover outside – it had got nicked”.

“The easiest car in the world to nick – in fact you can't get one insured in London now – is a Range Rover.

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“They won’t insure it … that's a fact. The policeman told me when he came around to my house he said ‘I know you’re in the in the car business …but you know 120 cars a day are stolen around Mayfair, South Kensington… Knightsbridge… Chelsea … and 75% of them are Range Rovers”.

New data from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency shows that in the 12 month period up to March 2023, one in every hundred Land Rovers was stolen, three times the rate of the car chieves’ second choice Mercedes-Benz.

The Range Rover Velar R-Dyn is the single most commonly stolen model, with two in every hundred of the £69,000 motors falling victim to thieves.

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