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Bug warning as drug-resistant illness spreads through Brit holiday hotspots

Brits have been warned about a drug-resistant illness spreading throughout holiday hotspots, with poor hygiene, oral and anal sex the main vehicle for its growth.

The shigella sonnei infection, also know as shigellosis, is most prevalent in tourist destinations in Spain, as well as Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands, according to experts.

The main symptoms of the disease include fever, severe diarrhoeaand stomach pain, and The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) says it has shown resistance to "first and second-line antibiotics".

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The body has recorded a total 300 cases of the highly contagious illness since April this year, and anxiety is building around its growth as thousands more are set to jet off to locations were clusters are forming.

The Mirror reported that the bug can be spread through oral and anal sex, but it can also be spread from you to your close contacts if you don't practise good personal hygiene. You can also catch it from consuming contaminated food and drink.

It can also spread if you have poo on your hands and you touch your mouth or if you put objects in your mouth that are contaminated with infected poo.

Similarly trouble can arise if you consume food and water which is contaminated with the poo from an infected person.

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Experts are urging people to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water after going to the toilet. Adults are also urged to help children clean their hands properly.

If you are experiencing symptoms, you should stay away from work or school until you've been completely free from any symptoms for at least 48 hours.

Experts also say do not prepare food for others until you've been free of symptoms for at least 48 hours and do not go swimming until you've been free of symptoms for at least 48 hours.

Similarly, avoid sexual contact for the same period.

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