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Putin’s desperation grows as Russia launches campaign against Hungary

Putin’s Protective Service dispatched to check for explosives underwater at the bridge

Russia has allegedly launched a bizarre psy-op claiming Ukraine is preparing for war with Hungary in its latest attempt to spread disinformation.

According to Ukraine’s Centre for Strategic Communication, the Kremlin has utilised the Beregyni Group Telegram channel, a self-described Ukrainian hacker group that has been tied to Russia.

A “classified analytical report”, purportedly from Ukrainian authorities, was published on the group’s channel about Hungary’s “hostile policy toward Ukraine”, the centre reports.

The conclusion of the hacker’s report claims Ukraine is disappointed by Hungary’s stonewalling over the country joining NATO.

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has previously dismissed Ukraine’s desire to join the international security alliance.

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The false report spread by the Beregyni Group claims Ukraine is planning an attack on its neighbour.

But the plan hasn’t been well executed, with UKRInform claiming the report contains two infographics and text from a previous report published in October 2020, well before the start of the Ukraine invasion.

The group also put words from a report by Dmytro Shulha for the Dzerkalo Tyzhnia newspaper, “The Hungarian Problem of Europe,” published in October 2022.

The piece analyses Ukrainian-Hungarian relations but is in no way a classified document that reflects official government positions, and there is no mention of a pending attack or any future war between the two countries.

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Taking parts of the report, the Beregyni group divided the text into subheadings such as “internal political situation,” “economic state of the country,” “foreign political activity of the state in the international arena,” and “situation of the armed forces of Hungary”.

Concluding its report, the Centre for Strategic Communications said: “The Centre for Strategic Communication notes that Kyiv’s relations with Budapest are not perfect at the moment.

“The causes and consequences of this are analysed by many experts, whose publications are publicly available.

It is beneficial for Russia to deepen the contradictions between Ukraine and its neighbours.

“Hostile propaganda is working hard on this, keeps on producing fakes, even those of low quality.

“In the entire history of modern independence, Ukraine has not attacked anyone and has no aggressive intentions towards any country in the world.

“The sole purpose of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is to protect its state within internationally recognized borders.

“The Kremlin’s attempts to ascribe its aggressive invasive nature to Ukrainians are ridiculous.”

Russia has not responded to the claims from the centre, which were published on Thursday, July 20.

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