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Police ‘jigsaw puzzle’ after finding mutilated remains of killer shark’s attacks

Authorities were left with a “big jigsaw puzzle” after they discovered mutilated body parts after two fatal shark attacks.

In July 2022 Elisabeth Sauer was bitten by a shark while snorkelling in shallow waters near the popular Sahl Hasheesh resort in Hurghada, Egypt.

More than 40 people helplessly watched from the jetty while the severely injured 68-year-old attempted to paddle back to shore after the attack.

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She was treated by paramedics in an ambulance but sadly died before they could reach the local hospital.

Authorities cordoned off the beach for several days while investigations were carried out, but according to a new BBC documentary, researchers uncovered more than they expected.

The documentary, which airs tonight at 8 pm, explored the rise in shark attacks despite the drop in population.

Authorities discovered the mutilated remains of another swimmer a few hundred meters down the shore.

It is believed that they were attacked shortly before the incident, but there had been no eyewitnesses to the incident.

The body was identified as Roxana Donisan, 44, a Romanian tourist who had been travelling alone.

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Ralph Collier, from the Shark Research Institute, who claims to have probably examined more shark attack victims than anyone else on the planet, explained: “They had to investigate two incidents and uncover which came first.

“Now they had a big jigsaw puzzle they had to put together.”

The documentary claims that after the remains were assessed, it became clear Donisan had been in the water “for some time”.

“This was a feeding event. This woman unfortunately was killed and the shark returned on an unknown number of occasions to remove portions of her in feeding,” Collier added.

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Why Sharks Attack will explore how climate change has affected the number of shark attacks and behaviour of sharks featuring interviews with victims and witnesses.

While the show was being made, in June 2023, a Russian tourist was mauled to death in front of his father by a tiger shark in the Red Sea.

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