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Tripadvisor reviewer slams mountain Ben Nevis for being ‘too steep and snowy’

A bloke complained on Tripadvisor that Britain's highest mountain is "far too steep" with dangerous snow on the summit, and with nowhere to grab a drink on the way up.

The amateur climber scaled the peak near Fort William in Scotland in May and only got around to unleashing his diatribe on the review site in June.

The man, called Tony C, had travelled from Morpeth in Northumberland to take in the world famous scenery, but came away disappointed.

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Alongside a selfie of him looking well-worn, Tony raged: "This is far too steep! The paths are uneven and could do with resurfacing and being levelled out.

"There are no toilets or shops on the route to/from the summit so nowhere to get a sandwich or some pop."

But not content on calling out the lack of culinary options on the big lump of rock, it appeared that Tony was rattled by snow on the peak of the literal highest point in the whole of the British Isles.

It's worth noting that the summit is 4,411 feet above sea level and is the highest land in any direction for 459 miles.

Tony said: "There was also snow on the summit when we got there and it was very slippery with no signs of any grit bins!

"It’s only a matter of time before someone has an accident up there."

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Another traveller, who climbed the mountain (it's in Scotland, in the Northern Hemisphere) in February, complained of poor visibility due to fog.

The bloke yapped that the mountain, which is rarely above freezing in February, was "very cold and snowy."

"Couldn't see anything," he added.

He added furthermore: "Probably installing a vehicular railway like Snowdon would be handy. At least at Snowdon you could buy a beer. 0/10."

Meanwhile, a user called Jimmy L, writing in 2016, complained that the route "lacked 4G signal in many places".

Another bloke said his girlfriend "was crying at one point" because of how steep the mountain is.

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