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‘Britain’s loneliest dog gave us new lease of life after we adopted him’

A couple say they’ve been given a new lease life after adopting ‘Britain’s loneliest dog’.

Sam and Lorraine Baker from Hampshire took a shining to the nine-year-old Charlie after hundreds of other families had passed him by and he’d spent more than 500 days at the RSPCA rescue centre in Somerset.

Sam had spotted an advert for Charlie on his phone over breakfast one morning and showed wife Lorraine the pooch’s picture.

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Both agreed they "had to have him" and drove to the centre for their first meeting, reports The Mirror.

Lorraine told The Guardian: “Over the past few years we have tried to adopt a few different dogs, but we haven’t had any luck we were never top of the list.

“Sam and I got used to filling in forms and not hearing anything.

“We’d almost given up hope.

“But Charlie is an older dog and we felt we’d be suited even older dogs have a lot of love left to offer.

“So we took our time with the application, sent photographs of our house and garden.

“We explained why Charlie would be happy with us, then forgot all about it.”

The pair were called in to meet Charlie and it was an exciting new adventure for Sam and Lorraine with their latest addition.

Lorraine described how much Charlie who is described as being a mixed breed with short legs like a corgi, a body like a staffie and the head of a beagle loves being around them.

She said: "Charlie is a dog who knows exactly what he wants and that’s to be with us all the time. That first night he jumped on our bed and slept between us.

“That’s become his habit. He’s so warm-hearted.

“He has none of the trauma you might expect after spending so long in a rescue centre."

Lorraine said having Charlie in their life sees them get up and out for walks every day and urged others to consider adopting when looking for a dog to join their home.

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She said: “We feel proud that we’ve given Charlie a new home and a second chance. He’s done the same for us.”

Adding: “It’s important for people to adopt animals, especially older ones.

“People often go for puppies or trendy breeds, so it was good to take on a dog who was a bit older and had been unwanted for so long.

“Charlie was once the loneliest dog in Britain. But he’s not alone any more.”

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