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Bloke nicked £2m from cash machines and blew it on escorts and five-month bender

A former bartender has lifted the lid on his lavish millionaire lifestyle funded by a cash machine glitch.

Dan Saunders says he splashed a staggering £2million on high end call girls, opulent hotels and even a private jet – before ‘fessing up to the authorities that the money was stolen.

But the 29-year-old Aussie told The Sun he has never had an interview with the police or met with bank officials over the swindle.

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He said: "I don't feel guilt about it. I saw an opportunity and I smashed them as hard and long as I could."

It started in February 2011 when Dan was on a night out in his hometown of Wangaratta, around an hour and a half’s drive from Melbourne.

Dan had gone to get cash out from an ATM to pay for a round of drinks – but with just over £1 in savings he was forced to transfer £100 over from his credit account.

The National Australia Bank (NAB) hole in the wall returned his card and the screen read "transaction cancelled".

But when Dan put his card back into the machine to check his account balance it said he was £100 in credit.

He withdrew the cash and continued his night out – and with the illicit transfers.

Dan discovered the transaction would only register with the bank the following day and push him into debt – but he could always withdraw more after midnight. And he says he could always stay one day ahead with his transfers.

Dan claims he withdrew and spent more than £2million from many cash machines – and the true amount will never be known.

He said: "I worked out between 12am and 1am I could transfer any amount of money up to six figures at a time, 999,000, from my credit card to my savings account.

"The desired amount would stay in my savings account for 24 hours before it would reverse. But if I did another transaction before the previous one then I could always keep it in credit.

"I just had to remember how much money I had spent. And then I always made sure I transferred just a little bit more each day."

The bank glitch has never been explained – and the NAB has never commented on it.

He said: "The best thing in the world for me was paying for everyone else's stuff.”

Dan paid off some of his friends' university fees and sent a pal to study in France.

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His most extravagant purchase was chartering a 20-seat private jet, where he flew his mates to an island in Asia.

Dan claimed he called it quits after deciding he had done everything he wanted to do.

In June 2011, he called the bank and admitted what he had done.

They said they’d be back in contact.

Three years later Dan still had heard nothing, so he decided to share his story with the press.

After media coverage, Dan was arrested and charged with 111 offences relating to fraud, deception and theft in 2014 and locked in an Australian maximum security prison for one year.

Dan's story has become the subject of podcasts and is even rumoured to become a Disney movie.

He added: "I don't believe I am the only one, I am just the only one who has told the truth about it."

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