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Watch as Brit is set upon by four massive bouncers in vicious nightclub beating

Greece: Nightclub bouncers beat tourist in Zakynthos

A ghastly video has emerged showing four burly bouncers beating a British tourist to a pulp at a nightclub on the Greek island of Zakynthos.

The horrific clip shows three bouncers, all clad in black branded polo shirts, holding the young tourist in a headlock, while a fourth throws a succession of punches at him.

The British partygoer, who is yet to be named, is seen scrambling to break free from the vice-like grip of the doormen, as all four take turns in punching, kneeing and elbowing the tourist in the head.

The horrendous attack at the CherryBay nightclub in Laganas took place on Friday and one of the men identified by the Brit as being involved in the savage beating was arrested.

The video shows the pink-shirted Briton taking several punches to the head, as he tried to protect his body from the avalanche of blows.

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At one stage in the clip, the man, who at this stage has a bloodied face, appears to free himself from the clutches of his barbarous attackers before one them lands a spine-chilling blow to his face.

The force of the punch saw the Briton’s head rock back and slam against the wall behind him.

He is then thrown to the floor by one of the bouncers before being booted in the face by another.

The dishevelled Brit is thankfully led out of the room by his friends and the terror appears to end.

The Brits’ face looked to be a mess of cuts and bruises and he was only able to identify one out of the four attackers, a Serbian employee of the club.

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The video echoed the sickening footage of an American tourist beaten to death in 2017 by seven Serbian men and a Greek bartender. The fatal attack took place in the same resort of Laganas at Bar Code.

The American, 22-year-old Bakari Henderon, was in Zakynthos for a photoshoot to launch a fashion line, when he and his friends dropped into the bar and reportedly asked a waitress, from Serbia, for a selfie.

The gang of Serbian men rushed Henderson, who ran out onto the street, where he was fatally attacked.

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