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Cat cheats death twice after it’s almost hit by bus fleeing seagull ambush

A stray cat managed to cheat death twice after a vicious seagull attack almost left her crushed beneath the wheels of a bus.

The frightened feline, named as Pudding was left with leg and other injuries after she was ambushed by the birds.

But in her bid to escape, she was almost hit by a bus in Exeter, Devon.

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Luckily, Pudding, who lives in a recycling depot belonging to Exeter Council, was rescued by bin workers who found her.

Recycling centre staff found her hiding in her shelter and in a great deal of pain.

They managed to keep her safe until the Cats Protection Society could pick her up to assess her injuries.

She was limping badly and had a nasty cut on her shoulder.

The City Council’s bin crews immediately set up a collection pot to pay for Pudding’s £100 treatment cost.

It was fully funded by 9am that morning with crews and office staff all chipping in to pay for Pudding's treatment.

Pudding wasn't the only animal to hit the headlines in recent weeks.

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