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Men wanting perfect penis left a botched mess after ‘Frankenstein’ surgery

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    Men seeking out the 'perfect penis' are instead being left misshapen and unhappy after undergoing 'Frankenstein' surgeries.

    Matt, a militarily veteran, from Utah, was just one of dozens of men unhappy with his penis and who sought genital-enhancement surgery as the solution.

    The 46-year-old said he felt like a "broom handle" had been implanted into his now misshapen penis and is looking at having to pay about £250,000 to get the botched surgery corrected.

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    After being unhappy with a slight left curve, he thought a £12,500 implant would answer all his genital problems, but instead it made them worse, reports MailOnline.

    The Utah man was left with "devastating" damage after the procedure in September 2019 backfired.

    He has since had to cough up hundreds of thousands in further procedures to get his 'manhood' back as he got the Penuma device – a silicone structure surgically inserted into the penis – removed five months later.

    Matt, who didn’t want to share his surname, claimed his girlfriend said his penis "felt like a steak knife when having sex" afterwards.

    He said it made his penis more "misshapen" and left him feeling like "Frankenstein's monster", in excruciating pain and with nowhere to go.

    He said that after the operation his swelling and pain didn't go away and he could feel it getting worse every day as the weeks went by.

    Matt said the swelling got so bad that his girlfriend, who is a registered nurse, was forced to drain 230ml of fluid from his engorged penis.

    Matt is not alone as his dream treatment turned to agonizing ruin.

    Dozens of other men are seeking similarly dangerous treatments in pursuit of the perfect penis, being driven by feelings of insecurity in their appearance, or inadequacy in the bedroom – but it sometimes leaves them worse off than before.

    Penuma implants can have dangerous side effects, experts say. One surgeon warned they can become infected and kill the skin around the penis.

    International Andrology’s Professor Amr Raheem said: "In severe cases of infection, there can be necrosis or death of the penile skin covering the implant.

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    "This is a severe complication that requires immediate attention and likely removal of the implant to control the infection and prevent further tissue damage."

    Penuma implants are the only penis implant surgery approved by the FDA and they are only available in the US.

    In the UK, around 45% of men in the UK are not satisfied with their penis size, according to the NHS.

    Two different types of penis enlargement procedures are available on the NHS and they include lengthening and widening.

    But, only men with a micropenis – an organ less than 2.8 inches – are eligible.

    The health service says average size of an adult penis is three to four inches when flaccid, and between six to seven inches when erect.

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