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Inside secret cave hidden under the streets of UK town with mysterious carvings

Fascinating snaps show inside an ancient cave that holds a mystery still attracting tourists from across the UK.

The underground cave that has unusual carvings on its walls sits below the town of Royston, North Hertfordshire.

Although no one knows why it is there or who carved it out, it continues to be a tourist hotspot and is still a total enigma.

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The Mirror reports that the cave itself has a fascinating history, largely showcased by its astonishing array of carvings.

There are both Christian and non-Christian markings all the way inside the cave, including pictures of Jesus and his disciples, Richard the Lionheart and even King David of the Psalm.

Other carvings in the cave that depict the figures of a horse and an Earth Goddess, known as a Sheila-na-gig, which is believed to be Pagan symbols for fertility.

There are even many smaller figures and symbols that remain unidentified even today.

The cave itself was discovered accidentally by women in 1742.

The Royston Cave website explains more.

It says: “With entry only available upon request and via a rope, it wasn’t until the current visitor entrance was dug in 1790 that formal, paid visits were introduced.

“This 22 metre long access tunnel was dug by local builder Thomas Watson, the then occupier of the Town House above.

“He effectively took private ownership of the cave and charged visitors sixpence for entry.

“Watson advertised Royston Cave as ‘the greatest curiosity of the kind in Europe’.”

The cave is believed to be man-made and cut approximately eight metres into the chalk that lies beneath Royston’s ancient crossroad.

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No records of its age or purpose exist and despite quite a few theories, nothing has ever been proven.

The common theory of this cave is that it was owned by the Knights Templar in the Middle Ages but others think it might have been a Freemason's Lodge.

Whatever the truth, it definitely isn't something you would imagine exists beneath the streets of the tiny town of Royston.

Royston Cave is open to tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of the incredible wall carvings deep underneath the town.

Tickets to see the cave are £8 for adults and £2 for children.

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