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Harry could ‘turn his back’ on celeb life with Meghan as he ‘avoids spotlight’

Prince Harry could be set to turn his back on his A-list life with Meghan Markle, a royal commentator has claimed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made headlines after they were dropped from their lucrative Spotify contract last month.

And now the couple's Netflix deal is rumoured to be on thin ice as well, despite their six-part series, Harry & Meghan, having become the most-streamed documentary to premiere on the platform when it was released in December.

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Meghan, 41, is reportedly working behind the scenes to launch her next move – but Harry, 38, seems to be taking a step back.

Writing for MailOnline, commentator Alison Boshoff said: "In truth, Harry never really wanted to be a podcaster or a TV executive. He didn't want to be the 'pepper' to Meghan's 'salt'."

Meghan is now pursuing a series of new media deals and recently signed with Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel at WME – without her husband.

She is understood to be eyeing up new ventures in wellness, fashion and food and, Boshoff said, could even pen a book about feminism.

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Meanwhile Harry seems to have been left behind, possibly of his own design.

The big question is how long before Harry turns his back on the showbusiness life, for which he is obviously ill-suited and seems entirely uncomfortable with," Boshoff continued.

"Both he and Meghan were expected to make multiple podcasts under the terms of the Spotify deal. Meghan reached out to friends including tennis player Serena Williams to appear on Archetypes (and wrote a letter to singer Taylor Swift, who declined). But Harry was completely ineffective in this sphere."

Harry's own podcast ideas were said to have baffled Spotify bosses – sources say the prince "puzzled" execs with a pitch to interview the likes of Vladimir Putin, Mark Zuckerberg and Donald Trump about "childhood trauma".

The Duke is now to be planning a solo trip to Africa for a new, for what promises to be a more warmly-received documentary, as well as to pursue his passion for charity work.

Back in the States, sources say Harry is rarely spotted in the A-list circles Meghan has grown to love and is understood to be avoiding cameras in what appears to be a genuine bid for privacy.

Old friends of the Prince in London have reportedly complained he has "disappeared" from their lives, choosing instead to spend his time with his polo-playing pals at the Los Padres team in Santa Barbara.

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