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Woman who left number for ‘fit bus driver’ gets a response – but it’s bad news

A woman who made a bold bid to hook up with a “fit bus driver” has had her reply – but at least she's taken it well.

Donna Suter put up a brazen yet good-humoured note on the timetable at her local stop on the route of the 531 bus in Whitefield.

She had been sitting with her mate Ryan Mendelson when she spotted the handsome driver going past, making a hand signal to “call me”.

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Top pal Ryan even tried to chase the bus down.

But Ryan’s wingman skills didn’t translate in supersonic speed and the bus pulled away and carried on with its route.

As a result, Donna left a note attached to the stop saying: “HEY FIT BUS DRIVER CALL ME” and below that attached a phone number he could contact her on.

Now, following Donna’s shout to come forward yesterday (July 4) as the poster of the note, she has received her response from the driver.

Speaking to theManchester Evening News, the mum of two said explained how – despite getting on well following a couple of messages, the driver is already in a relationship.

The singleton of five years said: "After yesterday I've gone into my mailbox and seen a message from him.

"I know it's him because of his photo.

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"He said 'I'm the bus driver, it's me'. But unfortunately, he's taken."

She and Ryan had even been talking about dating over a spot of lunch and so when the driver motored past it had seemed like fate.

Thankfully, Donna has taken it all on the chin, adding: "He actually said to me 'you seem an absolutely lovely girl, if I wasn't in a relationship I would have stopped the bus'."

She continued: "Being out there and living life, not following the dating apps, it's not my style. Maybe it will change the way people treat each other in the dating world."

The driver, who has asked not to be named, said: "I've found it highly amusing. I've laughed all week about it."

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