Sunak in fiery clash with Chris Bryant over Johnson vote

Sunak clashes with Chris Bryant over attendance in Parliament

Rishi Sunak found himself in a fiery clash with Labour MP Chris Bryant over his attendance record in parliament.

The MP for Rhondda criticised Mr Sunak for his failure to attend the parliamentary vote on whether or not to suspend Boris Johnson.

He also pointed out his failure to attend the vote on whether or not to suspend Owen Patterson after he was found guilty of paid lobbying by a standards watchdog.

In a heated back and forth at the Liason Committee, Mr Bryant accused Mr Sunak of “choosing not to be there” for the vote on Boris Johnson’s future.

The back and forth came during a 90-minute grilling from MPs on a range of topics this afternoon.

The Liason Committee is made up of the chairs of other select committees.

Mr Bryant said: ” Talking about your respect for parliament. You didn’t turn up for the Owen Patterson votes. At all. That’s right isnt it?”

Mr Sunak responded: “I can’t recall”.

Mr Bryant then asked: “You didn’t turn up for the Boris Johnson vote at all, did you?”

When the Prime Minister responded saying he was at a charity dinner, the MP hit back: “I think that’s cutting it fine I would argue, since members of parliament that were at the same dinner as you and left after you did manage to get back for the vote.”

But Mr Sunak said: “With the greatest respect, I think their role and my role at the dinner probably were slightly different.”

Hitting back, Mr Bryant said: “You chose not to be there didn’t you? On two rule breaking moments, you chose not to be in parliament.

“But yesterday, you opined on the rules of cricket. Take us through that.”

Mr Sunak said: “I chose to fulfil my obligation to an incredible charity, for whom that is one of their significant fundraising moments of the year.

“My presence is something that they had ask for and me being there meant I was able to thank their volunteers and donors, which was something that they appreciated.”

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The MP for Ronddha pointed out that Labour Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting attended the dinner and “managed to get back” for the vote, to which Mr Sunak responded: “With the greatest respect, I think his role and my role at that dinner were probably slightly different.

“I’m very happy to talk about the rules of cricket as you mentioned-“

Mr Bryant cut in: “But not about rule breaking in parliament.”

Rishi Sunak is facing a grilling from MPs on a range of topics this afternoon at the Liasion Committee.

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