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British man with stomach ache ‘snuck into house in Malaga and took a shower’

A British man could be jailed for up to a year after he stumbled into a flat in Malaga late at night having suffered a stomach problem. The man is currently on trial for breaking and entering after sneaking into a flat in Malaga, a city in southern Spain, where he went through the owner’s wardrobes and took a shower. 

The defendant was arrested after the woman owner of the apartment returned to find the man in her property at around 3am in October, 2021.

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The unnamed British man’s trial began on Monday, July 3, and he faces up to 12 months’ in prison, as well as a £428 (€500) fine in compensation to the flat’s owner.

The court will hear how the man has been accused of trespassing, allegedly entering a woman’s home without permission and rifling through “several wardrobes in search of clothes to wash himself” before “going into the bathroom to take a shower”. 

The man was passing through Calle Beatas, a street near the centre of Malaga, at around 3.30am in October 2021 when he illegally entered the property. 

He entered a doorway on the street, walking up to the first floor before finding the door of the victim’s flat, which was open as the woman had temporarily left the property. 

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As he was taking a shower, the owner of the flat returned and noticed “the presence of a stranger in the house without her consent”. 

She alerted the police, who on arrival arrested the accused while he was taking a shower.

The Prosecutor’s Office has requested a year in prison and compensation of £428 (€500) to the owner of the house.

The trial is due to conclude this week. 

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