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Boozy German yobs are worse than Brit tourists abroad, say Spanish locals

Troublemaker German tourists are said to be wreaking more havoc than boozy Brits on holiday in popular Majorca resorts.

Locals say partying Germans have become the worst offenders for bringing a "very extreme" party spirit to the island that has seen the holiday destination become one big '24/7' rave.

They say for seven months of the year boozy German yobs drink to excess and show disgusting behaviour including defecating in locals' gardens, MailOnline reports.

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One local, from the small village of Arenal on the opposite side of the Bay of Palma, who wished to remain anonymous, said they were shocked at how early some tourists were starting to drink and the disgusting behaviour they were exhibiting.

They said: “They walk up and down the promenade in their football shirts with cans and bottles of beer and are playing drinking games at all hours of the day and night.

“I’ve also seen some of the men harassing young girls.”

Miguel Pascual, another local and member of the Arenal residents association, said drunk foreigners often use his garden as a shortcut.

He told the Majorca Daily Bulletin about a recent incident, saying: “I yelled at him to get out of the garden and when he turned around, I saw his pants were full of faeces.”

In response to a subsequent boom in tourism from Germany, doner kebab stalls and tattoo parlours have been popping up, enticing short-term travellers to immortalise their holiday.

It's said that they are taking advantage of low-cost flights to take 24 hour or 48 hour breaks dedicated to getting drunk and taking drugs.

German police officers are also being drafted in to assist the National Police, with 12 expected to patrol the streets of Palma over the next couple of months.

Alain Carbonell told the Majorca Daily Bulletin that some of the tourists didn't even bother to book hotel accommodation, adding: "They are all young, 18 to 20 years old, and they come just to get drunk."

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