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Met Office confirms when new heatwave risks baking UK in long-range forecast

UK weather: Muggy conditions and rain forecast by Met Office

Forecasters have warned Britons that another scorcher is around the corner, with temperatures set to skyrocket to the high 20s and they could even reach 30C in July. As the summer sun continues to heat up the UK, many areas will see blistering temperatures in the middle of next month after a period of downpours in southern areas. 

While the mercury has dropped slightly as June draws to a close, forecasters predict July to bring the heat back with plenty of hot days incoming.

Around July 15, temperatures will rise to the mid to high 20s, with London areas expected to bake in 25C.

Meanwhile, even northern areas will enjoy milder weather as Edinburgh is expected to linger around 20-21C on the same day.

Aberdeen will even reach as high as 22C.

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Looking ahead to the middle of next month, Netweather forecasters have warned that the chances of a heatwave are “higher than normal” as above-average temperatures are expected.

For the week covering July 13 to July 27, Netweather said: “The chances of above-average temperatures redeveloping are slightly higher than normal; the chance of heatwave conditions developing is thus also slightly higher than normal, although the occurrence of heatwaves is not unusual for July.”

While many areas may sizzle in an incoming heatwave, forecasters have also warned of the likelihood of summer thunderstorms and torrential rain.

Netweather forecasters continued: “Showers, at times heavy and thundery, are likely to remain a risk throughout the country.”

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Most regions in the UK are predicted to experience above-average rainfall, with a few exceptions. 

The south-east and certain coastal areas along the North Sea may experience drier conditions compared to the rest of the country.

Sunshine levels are set to be near normal in eastern Scotland and north-east England, particularly along the North Sea coasts. 

However, in the southern and western parts of the country, especially the south-west, sunshine is expected to be below average as torrential rain lashes down, Netweather revealed.

While it may seem to be a mixed bag next month, a Met Office spokesman said it “would not be a shock” to see hotter weather return in a matter of weeks.

Met Office senior spokesman Graham Madge mentioned that while it might not occur in the early part of the upcoming month, temperatures in the range of mid-to-high 30s are expected to occur more frequently during the summer season.

He told the Mirror: “We have a chance of warmer conditions and we have seen to that anyway with climate change.

“Over the first half of July there is not a strong indicator of hot weather.

“We have to remember that there is currently a one percent chance of 40C temperatures in our climate. For mid to high 30Cs we could get that and they are becoming more frequent.

“But for 40C it is always going to be an extreme event even with weather change.”

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