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UK teen ‘secretly filmed’ having sex as police hunt suspects at holiday resort

A teenage Brit has claimed she was covertly filmed having sex by one of two Israeli teenagers in her hotel room on the Greek island of Rhodes. Local police said the 19-year-old was staying at a hotel in Theologos whilst holidaying with two of her friends, according to Greek media.

At around 2:45am on Tuesday she reportedly invited two 19-year-old Israeli men back to her hotel room, having met them two days previously at a bar in the party hotspot of Faliraki.

The Brit has claimed that while having consensual sex with one of the men, the other secretly filmed the pair in the act.

She said she confronted the men when she realised she was being recorded, before they scarpered.

Police are on the lookout for the perpetrators and the investigation is ongoing.

This comes off the back of an alleged rape of a 20-year-old British tourist in the sea on the same island with a man she had met online.

The victim, who has not been named, told the authorities that a 23-year-old Albanian man raped her after they went swimming off Glystra beach on the island’s east coast.

According to the Vradini newspaper, the young Brit claimed her attacker took her back to her hotel room in Kiotari where advanced on her again.

The Albanian, who has not been named, has been arrested by Greek police on suspicion of rape and attempted rape. He denies the charges.

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Earlier this month, the body of a young Polish woman was found on the Greek island of Kos after clambering onto the back of a Bangladeshi man, who was later arrested.

Anastasia-Patricia Rubinska’s naked body was discovered beneath a tree in the Alykes Tigaki wetlands area.

Police found a yellow stained sweater, blonde hair, two knives and a ticket to Italy purchased after the disappearance of Anastasia in the Bangladeshi man’s property.

The victim’s DNA was also found at the property of the 32-year-old.

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