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Family too scared to leave home after family pet savaged by next door’s dogs

A mum has told how a shock attack by two dogs left their family afraid to go outside. María Barceló said a friend of hers at her home one night saw her family pet Leia, a one-year-old border collie, being attacked by two dogs that jumped over the perimeter fence next door to her villa in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca. The two dogs tore into the young pup, leaving Ms Barceló, her partner and two children traumatised.

Speaking to Ultima Hora, the mum said she and her family have lived “locked up” since the incident.

She added that they have taken to leaving and entering their home “through the basement” out of fear of another encounter.

The mum explained that her friend, who was at the house while she was away, was reduced to tears when she found Leia and screamed for help, waking up her 12-year-old daughter.

The youngster called the police on 112, and officers from the Guardia Civil attended the home before interviewing the dogs’ owners.

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The male and female dogs that attacked Leia are now in quarantine and cannot leave the house without a muzzle for 15 days.

The family spotted the animals “roaming freely” a day after the attack, and they called the police, who repeated their warning.

The neighbours have since bought bridles for the violent animals, but Ms Barceló is still on edge.

She said the “two plastic ties” are not enough to help her feel safe, especially given the damage sustained by Leia.

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The dog was kept at a vet clinic for three days after suffering serious injuries, and the mum said next-door’s animals still see her companion “like a rabbit”.

The mum questioned what would have happened if he friend “had arrived 10 minutes later”, or her daughter “had come down for breakfast to find that scene”.

She explained that she and her family can’t use their terrace until the neighbours install a higher fence.

The anxiety has left her wanting to “put the Berlin Wall between the two houses”, she added.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

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