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The escape plan Putin was minutes from activating during Wagner coup

Vladimir Putin was moments away from activating his secret escape plan as Wagner Group closed in on the Kremlin, according to a protocol designed by his inner circle. The protocol, revealed by Putin’s former speechwriter, Abbas Gallyamov, is unofficially named “Noah’s Ark” and it involves sending the despot and other high-ranking officials to South America during an “urgent evacuation”. Putin’s inner circle reportedly started building plans for the protocol in the Spring of 2022, considering several different locations to send Kremlin elites.

Gallyamov, citing an anonymous “insider”, wrote on his Telegram channel that Putin’s inner circle first considered China.

But Gallyamov says the inner circle decided against it, fearing “cooperation” from China was unlikely because they “despise losers”. He also says the Russian political elites considered Argentina but also discounted this.

Now, the regime has reportedly centred its escape protocol around Venezuela, reports Gallyamov.

Talking about “Noah’s Ark”, Gallyamov said: “As the name suggests, it is about finding a new land to go to in case the situation becomes completely uncomfortable in the homeland. The leader’s entourage does not rule out losing the war, being stripped of power and having to urgently evacuate somewhere.”

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The escape plans are said to have been designed by oil baron and Kremlin ally Igor Sechin, CEO of Rosneft, and his close associate Yury Kurilin – Sechin’s right-hand man at the company.

The blueprint is so advanced that Kurilin has reportedly resigned to help lead the “on-site” work in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela he says.

Gallyamov wrote: “He formally resigned from [Rosneft] and is now fully dedicated to ‘Noah’s Ark’.

“He has US citizenship and good connections. He graduated from Hayward University in California [and] worked in BP’s structures, including the senior position of director of corporate affairs.”

The Telegram channel Mozem Obyasnit has also reported on details of Putin’s escape plan, citing two sources “close to Putin”.

The publication claimed high-ranking officials started buying real estate in Venezuela and are working to obtain residency rights.

One of the sources reportedly claims some Russian officials have already purchased property on Margarita island.

They are reported to have said: “Margarita Island in Venezuela is their local Courchevel.”

It was also reported that lower-ranking Russian politicians are seeking residency in Ecuador, Paraguay, and Argentina.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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