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Bear that disemboweled Italian jogger could be spared death sentence

A bear blamed for killing and disembowelling an Italian jogger looks likely to avoid the death sentence.

The bear, named "JJ4" is currently being held in captivity at the Casteller Alpine Fauna Recovery Centre in Trento after the brutal death of 26-year-old jogger, Andrea Papi in the Caldes woods in Val di Sole earlier this year.

It has now emerged that she could be spared death and instead be sent to Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti, Romania, the International Organization for Animal Protection have said.

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In a bid to target the issue of "problematic bears" in Trentino Province, Deputy Michela Ittoria Brambilla has suggested the idea of building an oasis-refuge, so that the animals can live out their days in a manner that is both happy for them and safe for the public.

But while this facility is being built, the president of the Italian League for the Defence of Animals and the Environment claims moving the bear to Romania would be the perfect solution.

Brambilla, who also works as the president of the Parliamentary Intergroup for Animal Rights and Environmental Protection, said: "Other specimens sent abroad from Trentino do not live in good conditions.

She continued: "As animal lovers and Italians, we would like bears to remain where they were born under the supervision of our experts and protected by our laws and international regulations, which Italy guarantees compliance with.

"We hope that the Administrative Court and the Province will give us the time to complete the project and transfer JJ4 to the new facility.

"If this is not possible, however, the Zarnesti sanctuary is ready to host and care for her with love and respect, as bears and all other animals deserve."

As it stands, over 100 brown bears have been saved from heartbreaking captivity and given a happy existence in The Liberty Bear Sanctuary.

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