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‘Goner’ Putin to be handed ‘deadly P45’ by Wagner leader and ‘zombie troops’

Vladimir Putin is a goner and is set to be handed a 'deadly P45' by Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin and his 'skinhead zombie troops', according to an expert.

The mercenary group occupied the city of Rostov-on-Don overnight and are reportedly now taking up positions near Voronezh, roughly 300 miles away from Moscow, in a probable coup.

And in an emboldened video address this morning (June 24), Putin said in response: "I will do everything possible to defend my country….and those who have organised an armed rebellion will be held accountable."

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However, Emeritus Professor at the University of Buckingham Anthony Glees reckons that even if Prigozhin fails in his attempted coup, it still represents Putin getting his marching orders, or worse.

Professor Glees said he thinks the Wagner chief, and Putin's former chef, will succeed in bringing down the Russian President one way or another.

"He will either do this by marching to Moscow and arresting Putin, or by so badly undermining Putin's authority over the Russian state that even if his advance on Moscow is halted, Putin will be finished in the days to come," he told the Star.

He pointed out that Prigozhin 'and his Wagner neo-Nazi skinhead zombie troops are making remarkable progress' and that when they land in Moscow, a 'fight to the death' could be on the cards.

Professor Glees explained: "It's a fight to death between Putin and Prigozhin and one or the other will be dead as a result.

"But as I say, even if Prigozhin cops it, Putin has been so weakened that he's been given his P45."

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Glees said that Putin's angry TV address where he accused Prigozhin of 'treason' had only 'inflamed the situation to the point of no return'.

"There's no way back from this kind of rhetoric," he added.

Thankfully however, WW3 is not a possibility according to Professor Glees.

He said: "I doubt it strongly. Putin is bonkers, a pathological war criminal and an ex-KGB thug. But he's not suicidal. If he was going to use nukes, he'd have done so by now.

"In fact, he likes money and trapping of power, not death. In other words, he's not going to start a war with NATO to try to stay in power."

Glees thinks the battle will result in Russia 'disintegrating' and regional warlards vying for control.

"As for Ukraine, Zelensky can take a well-earned breather, for a few days," he concluded.

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